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How it works

Kids and teens balanced diet delivers prepared, balanced, and delicious kids meals right to the doors of busy parents. Children have specific tastes and nutritional needs, so we always prepare and tailor every menu with this in mind. We have customers of all ages, but the meals are intended for children ages 5 to 19 years.


  • Good for long-term weight loss.
  • Focus on lean protein.
  • Have Energy during the day.
  • Eat more fruits and veggies.


1600 kcal/day1800 kcal/day2000 kcal/day2500 kcal/day3000 kcal/day
Kids Program


  • Losing Weight for Obese and overweight kids.

  • Maintain Healthy Weight and Growth needs.

  • School day Dietary Management.

  • Athletic Kids Dietary Management.

  • Manage Diabetes type 1 & 2.

Kids Program is

Friendly to

Kids Obesity
Kids Obesity
Kids School day
Kids School day
Athlete Kids
Athlete Kids

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All diet to door's programs are based on the Dietary Guidelines of American Public Health Association and WHO, 2020-2025.


Time-tested and proven. No food is off-limits.
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