Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions from our hundreds of users:
shipping and deliveryWhere do you deliver?
programsWhat's in the box?
shipping and deliveryWhen will my box arrive?
shipping and deliveryCan my box be delivered to my work?
shipping and deliveryHow much do you charge for delivery?
shipping and deliveryWill my food keep fresh although you deliver it the day before?
shipping and deliveryWhat if my box is late?
subscriptionHow to start my diet with diet to door?
subscriptionHow much do your meal plans cost?
subscriptionHow to pay the subscription fees?
subscriptionWhat should I know before I subscripe?
mealsDo you offer dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
mealsHow many portions are your meals?
mealsHow long do the meals last?
mealsHow do I heat up my meals?
mealsDo you change the meals on your menu?
mealsDo the meals have a use-by date, and can I freeze my meals?
mealsWhere can I find ingredient and nutritional info for your meals?
mealsHow are my meals packaged?